Towards more sustainable cities

A real estate fund that is financially attractive and contributes to society

Leoville is a real estate fund that is profitable, dynamic and socially responsible. Our team of experienced managers make the capital of our fund grow while ensuring the investment has a positive social and environmental impact. With a portfolio of more than 70 renovated mixed-use buildings located in Belgium’s most sought-after urban neighborhoods, we invest in the renewal of city centers whilst enjoying one of the best returns on investment in the market.

Value Creation

70 Mixed-Assets

Top Locations

50% in Listed Heritage Areas

100% Eco-Friendly Buildings

Why Leoville invests in mixed-use urban real estate

Investing in real estate is only worthwhile when money is invested in the right place. Leoville invests in mixed-use real estate properties (residential, convenience stores) in the heart of cities and based on a coherent diversification strategy. Our ambition? To bring the best of Belgium’s city centers:

Growth potential

By 2050, the UN predicts that nearly 70% of the world's population will live in cities, compared to 55% today. In terms of land value, city centers therefore have more potential than ever to generate capital gains.

Market robustness

Cities are traditionally more resilient when faced with real estate market pressure, offering more possibilities in terms of reallocation than in city’s outskirts; thus maintaining a higher intrinsic value of the buildings.

Opportunity for value creation

Confronted with the need for energy efficiency, some historic buildings in city centers offer excellent investment opportunities as sustainable and attractive assets.

Market responsiveness

With the rapidly changing lifestyles in Belgium's major cities (city inhabitants, tourists, expatriates), cities are constantly transforming and reinventing themselves, stimulating trade in what is already a very dynamic market on a European scale.

High demand from residential tenants

Demand from residential tenants to live in cities’ established neighbourhoods close to services, shops and transportation has never been so robust. In recent years in particular, many of them have been looking to rent quality housing. These residential tenants are more demanding and selective consumers who are looking for quality and proximity.

New commercial tenant profiles

The strong demand from residential tenants has a an impact on convenience stores. Fast casual food, opticians, telecom, etc. For several years now, new types of commercial tenants have been appearing, eager to rent premium, modular and small commercial surfaces to meet a targeted clientèle.

Positive environmental impact

With many buildings that are often in poor condition and are very energy-intensive, urban real estate is a major contributor to carbon emissions. By investing in building renovations in city centers, Leoville contributes to fighting climate change whilst also enabling residents to live in greater comfort.