Leoville Holding is a feeder fund of a specialized real estate investment fund (FIIS/GVBS). Properties located in high-street, touristic and dense urban areas are acquired and converted into new-tech, environmentally friendly and contemporary apartment units and small (50 to 250m²), multi-purpose commercial spaces.


With several dozen transactions ongoing and a dozen construction sites in progress, Leoville ensures efficient and dynamic management of its portfolio. The key to our success? A team with complementary talents (architects, lawyers, financial experts and project managers) who ensure that each property is valued on a daily basis. Sale and acquisition of assets, renovation, selection of reliable tenants, follow-up, etc. Each asset is managed dynamically and with care.


In order to generate long-term value with peace of mind, we make it a priority to diversify the portfolio. The diverse portfolio covers mixed-use assets, a geographical distribution of assets and a variety of sectors. Our properties are suitable for a wide range of different types of tenants. Each individual tenant accounts for 5% or less of the total rental income of a particular building. This diversification strategy allows us to be resilient and proactive in our approach so that we can adapt to market developments.

Enhancement of the historical heritage

Emblematic projects, renovation of historic façades, rehabilitation of unused upper floors… Most of our targeted assets are UNESCO-listed buildings or are buildings located in listed heritage areas. Many of these assets are in poor condition, unoccupied or partially unexploited. By offering a second chance to these architectural legacies, we take pride in having the opportunity to redevelop forgotten treasures and contributing to the future of our cities.

Sustainable development of cities

With a building energy performance (EPC) rating A or B (after renovation) and a mobiscore (accessibility index) close to 10/10, our buildings reduce the ecological footprint of cities and their inhabitants. In addition, the renovation works contribute to job creation and the development of local economies. Once renovated, our properties offer top-of-the-range energy efficiency and functional, high-quality fixtures and fittings. They therefore encourage people to return to city centres.

Regulated Fund

Leoville is recognized by the FPS Finance as a Specialized Real Estate Investment Fund (FIIS/GVBS) offering an optional, competitive and flexible regime from a fiscal and regulatory point of view.